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Tupolev Tu-2

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Few great aircraft have been designed in a prison cell. Andrei Tupolev was ordered to produce a versatile aircraft 'better than the Luftwaffe's Ju 88' on his drawing board in the Butyrkii prison. He did just that. The Tupolev Tu-2 family was one of the most varied and successful aircraft of World War II. It remained in production until 1948, by which time 2527 had been delivered for service.

By mid 1938 Tupolev had a full team of designers and engineers working for him. All were held prisoner by the Soviet authorities and none could have imagined the excellence of the design they were producing.

After a number of delays, the ANT-58 design, which was to become the Tu-2, was finally approved on 1 March 1940. Unfortunately, the prototype had to wait until 1941 before its engines were ready, but when it eventually flew on 29 January 1941, it proved to be an exceptional performer in every respect. Further testing refined the aircraft and it entered series production in 1943. The first machines went into combat in the spring of 1944.

Such was its success that Tupolev and his team were released from prison and Tupolev himself was awarded the Stalin Prize. Continuous development, mostly centred on the engine installations, resulted in the Tu-2 remaining a viable combat aircraft in the post-war era and it was produced in quantity until 1948.


Tupolev Tu-2

Special service for Tupolev Tu-2 Tupolev Tu-2 a fighter prototype Tupolev Tu-2 an ITB trainer
With a GAZ-67B cross country vehicle in its bomb-bay, this Tu-2 was used for special mission. This much modified variant, the ANT-63P, was a heavily armed fighter first flown in December 1946. It ahd provision for radar. The UTB was a simplified and lighter Tu-2 airframe with lower powered engines.

Tupolev Tu-2 (Technical Specification)
Role Multi-role medium bomber
Manufacturer Tupolev
Maximum Speed 546 kmh (339 mph)
Maximum Range 1,400 km (870 mil)
Ceiling 9,500 meters (31,170 feet)
Maximum Takeoff

7,458 kg (16,443 lbs)
11,336 kg (24,992 lbs)
Wing Area

18.85 meters (61 ft 10 in)
13.79 meters (45 ft 3 in)
4.55 meters (14 ft 11 in)
48.77 square meters (525 sq ft)
Engines Two Shvetsov ASh-82FN 14-cylinder radial piston engines each providing 1380-kW (1,850 hp)
Armament Two 20 mm (0.79 in) ShVAK cannon
Three 12.7 mm (0.50 cal) UBT machine-guns
3084 kgs (6,800 lbs) of bombs

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Tu-2S at War Eagles Air Museum, Santa Teresa, NM

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