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Plastic Model Kits

Plastic Model Kits

Plastic Model Kits Gallery. Presented here is a collection of plastic model kits submitted by modelers.

If you have a handbuilt aircraft plastic model kit, then we welcome you to submit your model for inclusion into the gallery. Other modelers will be able to leave their feedback and comment on your models. Galleries are automatically rotated everyday, so everyone gets their turn at the top. Please submit aircraft models only.

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p38 lightning - graeme thom
1/72 scale hasegawa p38 yippee
Website: - Edit Report

monogram c47 - graeme thom
hand screened decals with 3m metal tape
Website: - Edit Report

hasegawa neptune in RAAF colours - graeme thom
not world war 2 but a classic cold war aircraft
Website: - Edit Report

airfix sabre - graeme thom
airfix sabre in RAAF colours
Website: - Edit Report

douglas skyraider - graeme thom
tamiya kit of the skyraider
Website: - Edit Report

revell b17f - graeme thom
aircraft covered in 3m aluminium tape to give the metal effect
Website: - Edit Report

F7U Cutlass - Matthew Wise
Design of the U.S. Navy Cutlass fighter was started in 1946. The first test flight took place on September 29, 1948. The Cutlass was the first U.S. fighter to be designed with "After...
Website: - Edit Report

Hasegawa 1/48 Kawasaki Ki61 Hein - Chris Wilson
Here's my Hasegawa Ki61 in 1/48 scale. I've always like the lines of japans only inline engined fighter. It had a number of firsts in the build the first natural metal and over spray...
Website: WW2 Model Airplane Kits - Edit Report

B-17G Flying Fortress - Jürgen
This is Hasegawa´s 1/72 B-17 G “Flying Fortress”, Nose Art Edition, from 1994. This is a truly wonderful model, except of it´s growing age. This age is showing in the kit's raised...
Website: B-17G Flying Fortress by Jürgen - Edit Report

A6M3 Zero Type 32 - Tony Bell
This is the 1/48 scale Hasegawa A6M3 Type 32 Zero, built with only minor improvements over what is available in the box. A full build review may be found on the Rollmodels website...
Website: Hasegawa A6M3 Zero - Edit Report

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