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Reggiane 2001/5

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Though Reggiane attempted to address the worst of the Re.2000's weaknesses - its lack of power - by introducing an in-line engine, the change made little impact. The Re.2001's performance was hardly improved and engine supplies were limited. The ultimate member of the family - the Re.2005 Sagittario - was one of the finest Italian fighter designs of World War II, but was built in only small numbers.

Without doubt an excellent design, the Re.2000 Falco was underpowered. The Piaggio radial fitted to the first example developed just 649 kW (870 hp), providing a top speed of only 529 km/h (328 mph). Believing that an in-line engine would improve top speed, Riggiane next developed the Re.2001, known as the Falco II.

This was fitted with a licence-built Daimler-Benz DB.601A-1 (Alfa Romeo RA.1000 RC.41-1a Monsonie) rated at 876 kW (1,175 hp). However, its maximum speed was just 542 km/h (336 mph). Re.2001s entered the war with the Regia Aeronautica over Malta in 1942. Only 252 were built, for most RA.1000 engines were earmarked for Macchi M.C.202 production.

The second in-line Re.2000 variant was the last of the line - the Re.2005 Sagitarrio (Archer). It retained the basic configuration of earlier aircraft, but was considerably redesigned, with outward-retracting undercarriage and a licence-built DB.605A-1 engine (the Fiat RA.1050 R.C 58 Tifone) rated at 1100 kW (1,475 hp). Only 48 of there 630 km/h (390 mph) aircraft were completed before Italy's collapse, seeing combat during the defence of Sicily, Naples and Rome. A few later served in the defence of Bucharest and Berlin.


Reggiane 2001/5

One-off Reggiane 2001/5 Reggiane 2001/5 Reggiane 2001/5 in low production
One Re.2001 was fitted with a Fraschinin Delta IV engine. Performance was even worse than that of other Falcos. Disappointing performance by the Re.2000 led to the marriage of the Daimler-Benz DB.601 to the Falco airframe. The result was an improvements over its predecessor. Of the 48 Sagittarios actually completed, the majority ended up in the hands of the 22 Gruppo de Cacci, which was tasked with the defence of Rome and Naples during the last months of the war in Europe.

Reggiane 2001/5 (Technical Specification)
Role Single-seat fighter/fighter-bomber
Manufacturer Reggiane
Maximum Speed 630 kmh (390 mph)
Maximum Range 1,250 km (775 mph)
Ceiling 12,000 meters (39,400 feet)
Loaded weight

2,600 kg (5,720 lbs)
3,560 kg (7,832 lbs)
Wing Area

11.00 meters (36 ft 1 in)
8.73 meters (28 ft 8 in)
3.15 meters (10 ft 4 in)
20.40 square meters (220 sq ft)
Engines One Fiat RA.1050 R.C Tifone (Daimler-Benz DB.605A-1) in-line liquid-cooled piston engine which provides 1100-kW (1,475 hp)
Armament Three Mauser MG 151 20 mm (0.79 in) cannon
One engine and two wing-mounted
Two 12.7 mm (0.50 cal) machine-guns with 350 rounds
630 kgs (1,390 lbs) of bombs

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