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Caproni Bergamaschi CA 310 Series

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Improving on the Ca 309 by adding retractable landing gear and more powerful engines produced one of Italy's most versatile warplanes of World War II. First flying in 1937, the Ca 310 was destined to fly bombing, reconnaissance, anti-shipping, ground attack, transport and training missions throughhout the war.

In its original version the Ca 310 flew with the air forces of Norway, Peru, Yugoslavia and Italy and was tested as a civil transport with twin floats.

By the outbreak of World War II the aircraft had been developed into a number of improved variants. The Ca 311 had an extensively glazed nose for bomb aiming and reconnaissance. This was followed by the Ca 312 which had more powerful Piaggio engines and was ordered by Belgium and Norway, although these aircraft were not delivered before the German invasion.

French and British interest centred on the Ca 313, which also served with Sweden in such varied roles as transport and torpedo bomber. The more powerfully armed Ca 314 was the final and most important variant in the Italian air force. It was built in a number of subvariants including the Ca 314C, which carried two additional 12.7 mm (0.50 cal) machine-guns for ground attack duties.

Seeking to improve the military potential of the Ca 309, which had been used operationally in North Africa, Caproni Bergamaschi developed the Ca 310 Libeccio (south west wind). The aircraft was highly impressive in the pre-war years and attracted significant foreign orders, including 300 from Great Britain and 200 from France. However, the onset of World War II meant the aircraft were diverted to the Italian air force, which had already ordered significant numbers.


Caproni Bergamaschi CA 310 Series

Caproni Bergamaschi developed from a transport plane Caproni Bergamaschi CA 310 Series convoy escort and maritime patrol aircraft Caproni Bergamaschi CA 310 Series
A light bomber and reconnaisance aircraft, the Ca 310 was developed in parallel with the Ca 309, but featured a retractable undercarriage and slightly more powerful engines. The first flight of the Ca 310 took place in February 1937. A total of only 161 of this variant was built, followed by small numbers of subtypes, culminating in the Ca 316. Despite the Ca 310's low-wing configuration. the undercarriage featured long, stalky oleo legs.

Caproni Bergamaschi CA 310 Series (Technical Specification)
Role Convoy escort and maritime patrol aircraft
Manufacturer Caproni Bergamaschi
Maximum Speed 365 kmh (245 mph)
Maximum Range 1,690 km (1,048 miles)
Loaded weight

4,560 kg (10,032 lbs)
6,620 kg (14,564 lbs)
Wing Area

16.65 meters (54 ft 7 in)
11.80 meters (38 ft 8 in)
3.70 meters (12 ft 2 in)
39.20 square meters (422 sq ft)
Engines Two Isotta-Franschini Delta RC 35 in line piston engines providing 544-kW (730 hp)
Armament Two 12.7 mm (0.50 cal) machine guns in the wings
One 7.7 mm (0.303 cal) guns in a dorsal turret plus up to 320 kg (705 lbs) of bombs

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