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Powered by six BMW-Bramo Farnir 323R radial engines, the giant Wiking was the largest flying boat to see service during the war.

The first prototype (BV 222 V1) made its first cargo flight to Norway in July 1941 and later flew supplies to Afrika Korps in North Africa. The subsequent V2 and V3 were armed with machine guns in various positions on the fuselage and wings for defence. By late 1942, five more pre-production Wikings had entered service and with first three aircraft, equipped the specially-formed Luft-Transportstaffel.

With interest in the BV 222 as a long-range reconnaissance aircraft growing, a number of the flying-boats were refitted, receiving search and rear-warning radar equipment and powered gun turrets. Soon they were in service from bases in the Bay of Biscay, for Atlantic U-boat co-operation flights.

Meanwhile, in April 1943, BV 222 V7 made its first flight, powered by six Junkers Jumo 207C diesels. This became the prototype for the BV 222C, which entered production at the Blohm und Voss plant near Hamburg. Five were delivered to maritime partrol units in 1943; four others remain uncompleted.

Deutsche Lufthansa (DLH) ordered three Blohm uhd Voss BV 222 Wiking (Viking) aircraft in September 1939 to fill a requirement for a new 24-berth transatlantic airliner. The first of these made its initial flight in September 1940, by then World War II had started and DLH no longer had a use for the type. Possible military roles were investigated and the following July BV 222 V1 made its first supply flight, the first of many sorties for the Luftwaffe.


BV 222

The BV 222 as a submarine support BV 222 as a long range transport The BV 222 as a German flying boat
In May 1943 BV 222 V5 was tranferred to south-west France for U-boat support duties. During 1942 BV 222s were engaged on supply missions to North Africa. From Greek and Italian bases the aircraft flew back to Tobruk or Derna, and often returned carrying casualties. BV 222A-0 V8 is seen here testing its engines on a launching ramp. It was shot down by RAF Beaufighters on 10 December 1942.

BV 222 (Technical Specification)
Role Long range transport and maritime reconnaissance flying boat
Manufacturer Blohm Und Voss
Maximum Speed 390 kmh (242 mph)
Maximum Range 6,095 km (3,787 miles)
Ceiling 7,300 meters (23,950 feet)
Maximum Takeoff

30,650 kg (67,572 lbs)
49,000 kg (108,027 lbs)
Wing Area

46.00 meters (150 ft, 11 in)
37.00 meters (121 ft, 5 in)
10.90 meters (35 ft, 9 in)
255 square meters (2,745 sq ft)
Engines Six Junkers Jumo 207C in-line diesel engines each providing 746-kW (1,000 hp)
Armament (BV 222C-09) three 20 mm (0.79 in) MG 151 cannon
Five 13 mm (0.51 in) MG 131 machine guns

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Cockpit view of the BV 222, the largest production aircraft of Blohm Und... Top view of the BV 222 showing its six engines. Tail view of the BV 222. Made by a friend of me, Tommy

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