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World War 2 Aircraft is an online encyclopedia featuring military aircraft from the major nations of the world. From fighters to bombers, to transport planes and special purpose aircraft, find technical information, photos, line drawings and development history of all major military aircraft which took to the skies during the Second World War.

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Featuring over 120 aircraft in service between 1939 and 1945, from the famed Spitfires which fought over the skies during the Battle of Britain, to the relatively unknown Mig-1, this website is packed with over 2,000 color and historical black and white photographs, line drawings, technical specifications and allows the reader a full immersive experience about the Aircraft of World War Two.

Top Ten Voted Aircraft
Supermarine Spitfire
Mitsubishi A6M Zero
Messerschmitt Me 262
Junkers Ju 87 Stuka
Ilyushin 2/10 Sturmovik
Hawker Tempest
Focke Wulf Fw 190A
Vought F4U Corsair
Messerschmitt Bf 109
B-29 Superfortress
From The Model Gallery
Blohm und Voss Bv 222

Valentin E. Bueno
Breda Ba 65A-80

Luca Bossi and Marco Bossi

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