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This is an unmoderated gallery and in order to ensure a comfortable online experience, please take a minute to review the following guidelines.

It is only through your cooperation that enable us to leave this gallery as unmoderated for the benefit of all. If this policy is abused, then we will have to use an approval system for every submitted post. This will not only slow down your submission process, but will also create unnecessary workload for us, when that time could have been used to build more content and better serve you. This clearly will result in a situation where no one will benefit from abusing this privilege of our unmoderated policy. So we seek your cooperation to follow the guidelines below :-

  1. Post plastic models only.
    Your model must be made of plastic. No wooden models, iron, diecast, glass or any other material is accepted.
  2. Post military aircraft models only.
    Ensure that your model is a warplane or was used in a military capacity.
  3. Post only hand-built models.
    We accept only handbuilt and handpainted models. Your model should not be a finished manufactured product.
  4. Use only .JPG format.
    Photographs must end with .jpg in lowercase.
  5. Use high quality images.
    Photographs must be clear and the width must not be less than 500 pixels or more than 800 pixels. It can be of any height.
  6. Copyright material.
    Ensure that the material posted is free of any copyright infringement and that you are the legal owner of the material. We cannot be held responsible in the event of any copyright violations.
  7. Ownership of material.
    You retain all ownership and copyright of the material submitted. By submitting your material to us, you grant us permission to use/display your material on any section of this website.
  8. Removal of material.
    We reserve the right to remove any submission which we deem to be inappropriate.

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